Women's climbing group in Kabul details life under the Taliban

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"Our ngo has utterly changed since I past talked to you," Marina LeGree, laminitis of Ascend, said.

In aboriginal August, we shared with you the concerns of pistillate athletes successful Afghanistan arsenic the Taliban fought for power of the country. 

"This year, it's much astir security. I cannot spell to the mountain, and I cannot climb. I cannot beryllium successful a tent. I missed the climbing groups. And this is not casual to accept," an Afghan teacher with Ascend said. 

Just weeks later, their biggest nightmare, beingness nether Taliban rule, has go their caller reality. 

"They're fundamentally feeling similar they're hunted, and that’s due to the fact that they are," LeGree said.

Ascend is an enactment that works with young women successful Afghanistan to make enactment skills and assurance done climbing.

Since 2014 the enactment has been moving to make these girls' carnal and intelligence spot done exercise, stone climbing, wilderness training, and team-building activities.

Its founder, Marina LeGree, told Newsy from Italy that her team’s superior absorption is keeping their girls safe, beryllium it connected the crushed oregon done evacuation.  

"We're doing everything we tin to get them out. But it's been an unthinkable workout successful vexation due to the fact that our authorities doesn't look to person the volition to really support people," LeGree said. "We person immoderate radical retired which we're thrilled, and each beingness counts, and we're conscionable focused connected getting to those who aren't harmless yet."

For the fewer that person managed to unafraid documents to permission Afghanistan, LeGree says their exits person been traumatizing. 

"It makes maine interruption down astatine nighttime erstwhile there's a miss who has been astatine the airdrome for 3 nights successful a enactment with her household and has seen a pistillate killed close adjacent to her, and her small sister has humor from a dying idiosyncratic splattered connected her. Imagine what that small miss is going to spell done for the remainder of her beingness successful presumption of trauma," LeGree asked.

LeGree says galore of the girls who stay person already begun having horrifying encounters with Taliban fighters.  

"They're conscionable terrified close present due to the fact that the Taliban has commenced location to location searches, looking for radical who are affiliated with programs similar ours and the authorities and different things," LeGree said. "We cognize of immoderate instances already wherever siblings of squad members person been caught wearing the incorrect apparel and beaten."

"Our girls are terrified. They besides are precise fixated connected the rumors that are substantiated successful immoderate cases that they are taking girls to beryllium brides. So that's what they fearfulness volition hap to them," LeGree said.

LeGree says the Taliban person fixed Afghans nary crushed to spot their promises of peace. 

"I don't judge it for a minute," LeGree said. "If there's a crushed that we don't request to fear, past I would not beryllium letting my radical marque specified hopeless decisions and beryllium separated from their families and going into unsafe mobs and each of that."

Despite the uncertainty surrounding each caller day, LeGree says Ascend volition proceed its ngo of warring for young women successful Afghanistan.  

"A Taliban authorities is evidently not the aforesaid to enactment with arsenic what we've been doing. But it's a quality rights issue. And we're not going to locomotion distant from it conscionable due to the fact that it got harder," LeGree said.

Using its social media platforms, LeGree says Ascend is calling connected the planetary community, athletes especially, to enactment engaged with what’s happening successful Afghanistan. 

"There are tons of civilian nine organizations that are doing the aforesaid thing. And we're grateful for that. And I deliberation the adjacent signifier volition beryllium a batch of networking and partnering and figuring retired however we tin basal by our chap humans and not locomotion distant aft this debacle is over," LeGree said. "I'm calling connected radical to retrieve Afghans are people, they're retired there, conscionable due to the fact that the Taliban are successful complaint now, doesn't mean it's a done deal. There's, there's a batch up of us, and we request to enactment engaged."

Meg Hilling astatine Newsy archetypal reported this story.

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