Winter heating bills set to jump as inflation hits home

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NEW YORK (AP) — With prices surging worldwide for heating oil, earthy gas, and different fuels, the U.S. authorities said Wednesday it expects households to spot their heating bills leap arsenic overmuch arsenic 54% compared to past winter.

Nearly fractional the homes successful the U.S. usage earthy state for heat, and they could wage an mean of $746 this winter, 30% much than a twelvemonth ago.

This could beryllium the astir costly wintertime for natural-gas-heated homes since 2008-2009.

According to the Associated Press, astir 41% of homes successful the state usage electricity, which volition spot astir a 6% summation to $1,268.

Those who usage heating lipid volition spot a 43% increase, the AP reported, to $1,734.

A forecast for a colder wintertime means radical volition apt beryllium burning much substance to support warm, connected apical of paying much for each spot of it.

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