Supply shortages cause McDonald's to remove milkshakes from UK menus

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McDonald's has had to halt selling milkshakes and bottled drinks astatine astir 1,300 locations crossed England, Scotland, and Wales due to the fact that of proviso shortages stemming from a shortage of motortruck drivers.

According to the Associated Press, the institution is "working hard to instrumentality these items to the menu," but the institution didn't springiness a timeline for erstwhile they'll return.

"We are presently experiencing immoderate proviso concatenation issues, impacting the availability of a tiny fig of products," the institution said.

The AP reported that the bid of shortages of parts and products successful Britain was blamed connected a operation of Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic.

Last year, Brexit is erstwhile the UK near the European Union.

According to the AP, caller trucking recruits person been incapable to instrumentality their driving tests owed to COVID restrictions, with Road Haulage Association saying Britain being abbreviated astir 100,000 drivers.

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