Second arrest made for hit-and-run that left 7-year-old hospitalized

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TULSA, Okla — On Tuesday August, 17th, Tulsa Police responded to a hit-and-run involving a 7-year-old adjacent South Haven Manor apartments successful West Tulsa.

The kid was taken to a section infirmary with superior injuries, including a encephalon bleed, ruptured receptor drum, breached pelvis, breached femur, and galore lacerations.

On Wednesday August, 18th, Devin Ferguson turned himself successful and was arrested aft admitting to the crime.

During the investigation, TPD learned that Ashley Deal was driving a achromatic SUV that was pursuing Ferguson astatine the clip of the incident.

Video shows Deal driving her car astir the kid injured successful the road, stopping briefly, past continuing to travel Ferguson.

Deal and Ferguson were seen astatine their residence a fewer minutes aft the incidental moving furnishings retired of their store to fell the Suburban inside.

Afterwards, Deal besides gave Ferguson a thrust to a antithetic location.

Deal was arrested for leaving the country of an wounded mishap and driving without a license.

Ferguson was arrested for leaving the country of an wounded accident.

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