Search continues for Tennessee flood victims

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Crews with chainsaws and dense instrumentality cleared their mode done trees densely matted with vegetation, garbage and gathering debris Tuesday arsenic searchers scoured a usually shallow creek for much flooding victims successful agrarian Tennessee.

Even cars and sheds were woven into the tangle of debris lining Trace Creek successful Humphreys County, wherever the municipality of Waverly saw the astir decease and demolition from Saturday’s flooding that killed 18 people. Three radical remained unaccounted for Tuesday.

At 1 bridge, an excavator crawled into the creek to excavation done a debris plug that included ample trees, immense spools of cable, panels of woody fencing and chunks of concrete. Officers watched from supra and downstream successful lawsuit a assemblage was uncovered.

Other crews were moving with chainsaws on the banks, clearing smaller objects. Several miles downstream, officers had deployed drones to assistance with the search. It’s hard to cognize however acold the bodies mightiness person been carried, but 1 car was recovered astir a half-mile from wherever it had been parked, Humphreys County Chief Deputy Rob Edwards said.

Sheriff’s deputies and constabulary were aided by crews from agencies each implicit the state, helium said. The teams person cadaver dogs astatine the acceptable if they fishy a assemblage mightiness beryllium nearby. With the vigor successful the mid-80s and rising, it was not hard to observe the odor of decay, Edwards said, though crews besides were uncovering animals.

As the hunt for the missing continues, officials person started to comprehend the scope of devastation successful the community. Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis said hundreds of homes person been affected by the flooding and estimated astir 125 were ruined.

“Some are conscionable gone — disconnected the instauration — twisted, turned," Davis said astatine the quality conference. "They would astir apt person to beryllium wholly destroyed earlier they could beryllium built back.”

“The sheer devastation that we saw successful that chopper thrust yesterday has made maine recognize that we person got an highly agelong roadworthy to spell successful each of this,” helium said.

Authorities revised the confirmed decease toll to 18 radical Tuesday, a driblet from arsenic precocious arsenic 22. Waverly constabulary Chief Grant Gillespie said that immoderate radical who were successful the exigency country and died of earthy causes were mistakenly added to the count. John and Jane Doe victims doubly were not crossed disconnected the database erstwhile they were identified, helium said.

Gillespie said authorities had detectives travel up connected each lawsuit and corroborate the numbers, which present enactment up with the authorities tally.

“Just an honorable mistake, and I anticipation everybody understands that,” Gillespie said. “It’s inactive a tremendous nonaccomplishment of life. I anticipation that fig doesn’t grow.”

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