Oklahoma doctors stress importance of COVID vaccination

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TULSA, Okla. — Oklahoma wellness professionals are urging citizens to get vaccinated arsenic hospitals stay overwhelmed with patients.

In an update with the Healthier Oklahoma Coalition connected Tuesday, Dr. Mary Clarke, president of the Oklahoma State Medical Association, said your chances of being hospitalized with COVID are overmuch little if you are vaccinated.

She said you are 70 times much apt to beryllium hospitalized if you are unvaccinated. The decease complaint is similar. She said those who are unvaccinated and hospitalized are 68 times much apt to dice from COVID.

“The unvaccinated radical are the ones that are being hospitalized, that are dying astatine overmuch higher numbers," Dr. Clarke said. "We tin speech 90 percent, 95 percent, 97 percent, it doesn’t substance successful the agelong run. It is evident that the unvaccinated is the hospitalizations.”

This question of COVID is having an interaction connected nurses' intelligence health.

“The nurses are exhausted," said Jill McSparrin, an ICU caregiver with Integris. "Mentally. Physically. Emotionally.”

The COVID pandemic is idiosyncratic for McSparrin. She mislaid her begetter to COVID precocious past year. Now, she said she’s watching radical dice each time from the virus. And it’s not conscionable infecting those who are older.

“With the Delta variant, we’re seeing younger patients that are truly getting sick successful the ICU," McSparrin said. "Even large women.”

Hospitals afloat of patients are taking a toll connected those caring for them. They’re already battling a nursing shortage. For the ones that are working, McSparrin said immoderate are considering retiring aboriginal oregon uncovering a caller job. She said they’re experiencing things similar PTSD and depression.

“We person started immoderate counseling classes," McSparrin said. "And we’re conscionable trying to enactment done it, but we’re truly questioning whether we tin bash different play of this and if this continues onto a adjacent season.”

She has a connection for those who don’t privation the vaccine.

“I conscionable privation them to cognize that there’s not going to beryllium capable beds, there’s not going to beryllium capable ICU nurses to instrumentality attraction of you if you bash not get the vaccination," McSparrin said.

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