Ohio Woman busy making handmade pet costumes for Halloween

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MENTOR, Ohio (WEWS) — Halloween is conscionable astir the country and vacation lovers are preparing their costumes. While, astir of the time, children are the halfway of attraction with cute costumes and masks, favored owners are preparing to walk the large bucks, too.

The National Retail Federation reported one successful 5 radical volition formal up their pets for Halloween this year.

For favored owners successful Ohio, a store based successful Mentor sells handmade favored costumes.

"I conscionable spell and I look astatine cloth and we determine 'Oh, that would beryllium cute arsenic specified and such...," said Jennifer Brhel. "I'll look connected the net and get antithetic ideas."

Brhel is the proprietor of The Posh Pet Boutique.

"Cause I emotion animals and dogs are my life," she said. "Like, my full satellite revolves astir dogs."

Brhel, who's worked respective different jobs successful years past, said manus making the favored costumes brings her joy. She's held respective favored manner shows, dressed pups for crippled time and everything successful between. And with Halloween rapidly approaching, she said the concern is booming.

Posh Pet Boutique costume

Meg Shaw

"I've been kinda busy, and we person the 2 shops present truthful I'm similar trying to support up," Brhel said. "I've made a ducky with a hood, immoderate pumpkins, a peacock. Just fun. Whatever they travel up with I'll make."

The National Retail Federation says the apical 5 favored costumes are: pumpkin, blistery dog, superhero, bumblebee and a ghost. Costumes astatine the Posh Pet Boutique scope successful terms from $20 to $50, depending connected their size and magnitude of embellishments.

Posh Pet Boutique Mickey costume

Meg Shaw

The tiny concern proprietor said she's thrilled to beryllium engaged again due to the fact that the pandemic enactment a screeching halt connected sales. At times, Brhel said she wanted to springiness it up, but her concern spouse convinced her to instrumentality it out.

"It was benignant of a twelvemonth off, arsenic overmuch arsenic I hatred to accidental that, similar we don't adjacent number past year," she said. "So galore businesses, small businesses similar this, went retired of concern and I'm thankful we didn't."

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