NRL boss issues ominous COVID-19 warning

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NRL CEO Andrew Abdo has conceded that it's astir inevitable that the athletics volition look hurdles owed to the COVID-19 pandemic during the 2022 season.

Speaking connected 2GB radio, Abdo said that immoderate subordinate who tested affirmative would person to isolate and miss the game, careless of the juncture - but dismissed the thought of forfeits being a realistic worry.

"If we trial regularly, and I'm talking astir investigating perchance each time and surely up of immoderate radical grooming oregon matchday environment, that means that you're getting a idiosyncratic who unluckily whitethorn beryllium affirmative earlier they person immoderate enactment with chap players.

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"That evidently volition spell a agelong mode to helping with the integrity of the contention and the mentation for, and the playing of matches."

"The cardinal present is aboriginal detection," Abdo said.

"If you bash person a positive, that affirmative is identified anterior to a subordinate oregon an authoritative entering into a radical situation ... we're going to put heavy successful accelerated testing, aboriginal detection and screening, we're going to person biosecurity liaison officers astatine each of the clubs."

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo. (Getty)

Abdo said the fig of unvaccinated players and officials were 'a fewer tiny handful', close down to azygous digits.

"I'm precise assured that we're going to beryllium talking present astir about everyone - and if we bash request to instrumentality stronger measures for those who are unvaccinated, for a season, past we'll bash that arsenic well."

There was a timely reminder of the beingness of the microorganism connected Tuesday, erstwhile much than 30 players and unit volition person to isolate and get tested, after a subordinate returned a affirmative effect during the weekend's Emerging Blues camp.

Abdo said that radical were presently taxable to the state's isolation laws, alternatively than the NRL's policies.

"Once we're in-season and we get into the ceremonial pre-season successful the caller year, we'll person a antithetic acceptable of protocols working," Abdo said.

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