Multiple dead, injuries reported in Montana train derailment

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JOPLINE, Mont. — Three radical person died and galore injuries person been reported aft an Amtrak bid derailed on Montana's Hi-Line successful Liberty County connected Saturday.

Several dead, galore injuries reported successful Amtrak bid derailment on Hi-Line

It happened astir 3 miles westbound of the municipality of Jopline.

CBS News and The Associated Press study that determination are astatine slightest 3 confirmed fatalities, according to the Liberty County Sheriff's Office.

The bid consisted of 2 locomotives and 10 cars, with 7 of the cars derailing. There is nary connection yet connected what caused the derailment

Amtrak confirmed the derailment adjacent Joplin and released the pursuing statement:

At astir 4 p.m. MT, Empire Builder bid 7/27 derailed operating adjacent Joplin, MT. There are astir 146 passengers and 16 unit members onboard, with injuries reported. Individuals with questions astir their friends and household aboard this bid should telephone 800-523-9101. Amtrak is moving with the section authorities to transport injured passengers, and safely evacuate each different passengers.

Pictures shared connected societal media amusement astatine slightest 1 car wholly connected its broadside and respective different cars upright oregon tipped but disconnected the tracks.

A witnesser described helping passengers exit the derailed cars. Jeremiah Johnson told KRTV that ladders were being utilized to escaped radical and immoderate had to beryllium chopped free.

"We had to assistance a fewer radical retired with tons of volunteers and past chopped immoderate out. There was 1 woman successful the backmost whose legs were trapped and was incapable to beryllium removed without utilizing a saw (to chopped distant seats)," Johnson said.

Johnson described seeing shoulder, head, and cervix injuries. He added that his woman assisted with helping passengers arsenic they got disconnected the train.

"Right now, she's helping retired on-site and past was benignant of checking people's vitals arsenic they were coming. I brought her to the hospital. They had plentifulness of assistance up determination truthful we went to the precocious schoolhouse and she started helping get down people's injuries, names, and documenting immoderate medicine they whitethorn beryllium taking."

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Johnson estimated determination were dozens of radical astatine the precocious school.

Amtrak besides included the pursuing accusation successful its quality release:

As a effect of the derailment, Empire Builder trains 7/27 and 8/28 originating connected Sat. Sept. 25 are cancelled betwixt Minot, ND (MOT) and Shelby, MT (SBY). Additionally, connected Sunday, Sept. 26, westbound Empire Builder bid 7 volition terminate successful Minneapolis, MN (MSP) and eastbound Empire Builder bid 8 volition originate successful Minneapolis, MN (MSP). No substitute proscription is available. Amtrak customers tin interaction america astatine 800-872-7245 to get further accusation astir the presumption of services.

The National Transportation Safety Board is sending 14 investigators to the site, according to CBS News.

The Amtrak rider enactment that runs on the Montana Hi-Line is known arsenic the Empire Builder. It runs betwixt Chicago and Seattle/Portland.

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