Marshall Brewing Co. thanks Tulsa Fire Department for saving taproom

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TULSA, Okla — Marshall Brewing Company is thanking the Tulsa Fire Department for protecting their taproom from the flames earlier this year.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of the Tulsa firefighters, the taproom is inactive standing.

Back successful February, a occurrence broke retired astatine the Fischer Brother's Office Supply gathering adjacent to Marshall's Taproom.

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The occurrence started during the wintertime storm, much than 60 firefighters took turns battling the flames and enduring the freezing temperatures.

Their efforts protected the taproom from being consumed by the fire.

Sunday evening the proprietor of Marshal Brewing Company is partnering with Andolini's Pizza and Tulsa Crime Stoppers to convey each of those occurrence crews for redeeming his taproom with escaped brew and pizza.

Eric Marshall, proprietor of Marshall Brewing Co., tells 2 News, “these guys and gals person virtually risked their lives and been successful conscionable utmost upwind conditions wherever they were covered successful ice, to person them astatine the extremity of the time archer maine they were atrocious they couldn’t bash much erstwhile they virtually saved the gathering was conscionable wholly humbling.”

The appreciation lawsuit volition spell until 7:00 p.m.

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