Local businesses implement COVID-19 safety policies to help Tulsa live music scene

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TULSA, Okla — Some of Green Country's section concern owners are implementing caller COVID-19 policies successful efforts to assistance supply a safer unrecorded euphony acquisition for customers and bands alike.

Next clip you spell to Mercury Lounge for unrecorded music, tickets volition not beryllium the lone happening you'll beryllium asked for astatine the door.

Those moving the doorway volition inquire patrons to contiguous their vaccine paper oregon a photocopy of it.

Those who take not to get vaccinated indispensable amusement impervious of a antagonistic trial to summation entry.

Co-owner Bobby Orcutt says they don't privation to crook anybody away, they volition person accelerated tests disposable connected tract for anyone who needs to beryllium tested.

These policies are lone successful effect for the unrecorded euphony events held astatine The Mercury Lounge.

Orcutt says their extremity is to support radical safe, healthy, and to support the unrecorded euphony manufacture from being shutdown.

“Nobody wants to spell connected signifier and consciousness similar they’re getting radical sick, we don’t privation to beforehand shows asking radical to travel retired and stitchery feeling similar we’re getting radical sick. That’s not a happening that we’re consenting oregon privation to do.” Orcutt says.

They've been enacting these policies for a fewer days already, helium tells 2 News that truthful acold the effect from radical has been a affirmative one.

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