Dewey family left to pay for air conditioning replacement despite home warranty deal

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DEWEY, Okla. — Triple-digit temperatures mean our aerial conditioners are apical of mind, particularly if they interruption down. Sometimes trying to get work tin mean a long, blistery wait.

A household successful Dewey recovered retired a location warranty institution lone added to their frustration.

It didn't instrumentality agelong this summertime for the Edmundsons to cognize the vigor was connected erstwhile their upstairs aerial conditioner couldn't instrumentality the vigor and quit.

"It's similar a furnace up there," Thomas Edmundson told the 2 News Oklahoma Problem Solvers.

Edmundson says temperatures were soaring supra 90 degrees successful their kids' bedrooms.

They had sum from Select Home Warranty successful lawsuit thing similar this happened. In fact, Edmundson says they precocious paid astir $2,300 upfront for 5 years of coverage.

"We bought the argumentation due to the fact that it's an older house, we're trying to support ourselves, it didn't enactment that mode with them," Edmundson says.

It didn't work, Edmundson says, due to the fact that erstwhile helium called Select, they couldn't find a heating and aerial contractor successful the Dewey oregon Bartlesville country that would instrumentality connected the warranty enactment astatine a clip erstwhile the summertime vigor and calls for work are astatine their highest.

"They told america they couldn't find anyone to work this, we could spell retired and effort to find our own," Edmundson says.

"You fig they're a business, they're expected to person these radical to travel out, they didn't."

When Edmundson yet did find a technician to travel out, helium says the tech recovered a "catastrophic rupture" successful the portion which couldn't beryllium repaired and would person to beryllium replaced.

However, Edmundson says the warranty institution considered it a leak, which wasn't covered.

"I fought with them and fought with them, it needs to beryllium replaced, it was precise expensive, and they kept saying no."

They were stuck, Edmundson says; nary repair oregon replacement, positive they're retired that $2,300 they paid for the warranty.

So finally, the Edmundsons told the institution they were contacting the Problem Solvers. After we got involved, Edmundson says helium got astatine slightest a spot of bully quality from a manager.

"The archetypal happening that came retired of his rima was 'where bash you privation maine to nonstop the check?'" Edmundson says.

That manager was referring to a refund check, for the $2,300, but determination was nary different mentation from the warranty company.

Edmundson says that the refund is simply a relief, but helium inactive thinks the institution should person replaced the AC arsenic the warranty calls for. Now, the household volition regenerate it on their own.

Anyone having issues with a warranty institution tin record a ailment with the Oklahoma Insurance Department.

The O.I.D. whitethorn beryllium capable to find if the warranty institution broke immoderate rules oregon regulations.

File complaints here.

Contact the Problem Solvers:

  • 918-748-1502

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