Colorado teen has raised more than $14,000 for kids' cancer research

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LOVELAND, Colo. — Inside her Loveland kitchen, 13-year-old Daniela Ortiz is baking up a large difference.

This saccharine endeavor started six years agone erstwhile her mom, Jill, ordered from the nonprofit Cookies For Kids Cancer, which raises wealth for puerility crab probe done worldwide cook sales.

"The adjacent happening you know, I'm learning each astir this large organization," said Jill Bernardino. "I knew she loved to bake, truthful I projected it to her, and she said yeah, let's bash it."

In their archetypal year, they raised $400 for kids crab research, and from there, things took off.

"Lately, we've been doing similar 50 twelve cookies," said Daniela.

Two-and-a-half years ago, a unspeakable twist of destiny brought the mother-daughter squad heartbreaking news.

"I've been connected the crab travel present astir 2.5 years," Jill said.

Jill was diagnosed with metastatic bosom cancer, meaning her crab had dispersed and nary cure.

"My extremity is conscionable to unrecorded each time and bask it, woody with what we person close now. Right now, it's each astir baking. Next thing, we'll transverse the span erstwhile it comes," Jill said.

To date, the brace has raised $14,000 for kids crab research. What started arsenic a acquisition successful giving backmost has helped hundreds of kids and gives Daniela immoderate saccharine moments with her mom.

"It's awesome due to the fact that it's similar creating a large impact, and I anticipation that radical volition see that erstwhile they're donating erstwhile they're helping out," Daniela said.

"I can't enactment it into words. What she has dedicated, she does not get 1 penny from this, nothing. She adjacent goes arsenic acold arsenic donating immoderate of her ain wealth to the cause," said Jill. "Her begetter and I are truthful arrogant of her."

This year's cook merchantability volition beryllium held connected Sept. 5-6.

For much accusation connected ordering cookies oregon making a donation to the cause, caput to the website by clicking here.

Molly Hendrickson with KMGH archetypal reported this story.

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