Avoiding COVID-19 fake stimulus money scams

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TULSA, Okla. — "Warning", screams a header from the Federal Trade Commission.

Many cognize the FTC arsenic the authorities watchdog radical that protects folks from scammers.

But now, immoderate scammers are trying to crook the tables, utilizing the FTC's sanction to people much victims.

Scammers the Federal Trade Commission chairperson successful fake emails, texts, and calls, to lure folks into reasoning there's much COVID-19 stimulus wealth waiting for them.

Those crooks are telling imaginable victims hundreds of dollars volition beryllium sent to them -- each they person to bash is corroborate immoderate idiosyncratic and fiscal information.

A ma from Tulsa, Marcy, says her household has already been ripped off. She wants to stay anonymous for privateness reasons.

"The caller sounded truthful concerned," she tells us. "He said the Federal Trade Commission has millions of dollars to assistance families arsenic COVID cases are erstwhile again spreading crossed the country. My household was supposedly eligible for $1500, and they needed my slope relationship fig to transportation the money. But they emptied the relationship instead."

The FTC's Colleen Tressler says determination are galore victims, conscionable similar Marcy and her family.

"Scammers travel the headlines, they conscionable pivot and travel immoderate is new. But the bottommost enactment is they privation to abstracted radical from their wealth and fiscal information."

As for Marcy's family, if there's a metallic lining, it's the information they lone had a 100 dollars successful their relationship erstwhile the scammers hit. Now they're closing that relationship and opening a caller one.

And the FTC reminds everyone, the committee does not administer economical stimulus oregon alleviation funds to anyone.

The Federal Trade Commission has much accusation connected dealing with this scam and truthful galore others:

  • If you get an unexpected email, call, oregon text, IGNORE it.
  • Don't reply, click connected a link, oregon call.
  • Never springiness your idiosyncratic oregon fiscal accusation to anyone you don't cognize oregon trust.
  • And remember, unless your initiate it, authorities agencies volition ne'er interaction you by email, phone, oregon text.

The FTC besides wants you to study those scam contacts. You tin bash that by going to their website.

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  • problemsolvers@kjrh.com

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