Afghan evacuee gives birth on US military aircraft

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A newborn babe miss is simply a beacon of airy amid the chaos of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

She was calved successful the cargo bay of a U.S. Air Force C-17 that had conscionable landed astatine Germany's Ramstein Air Base.

"So erstwhile I evaluated the patient, we were past the constituent of nary return, that babe was gonna beryllium delivered earlier we could perchance transportation her to different facility, truthful we were conscionable opening our exigency equipment,” said Army Captain Erin Brymer.

The Air Mobility Command said the parent experienced complications successful the aerial owed to debased humor pressure.

That’s erstwhile the craft commandant made the determination to descend successful altitude to summation aerial pressure, which helped prevention the mother’s life

The Air Force reports the parent and babe miss are successful bully condition.

Ramstein Air Base has go a hub for Afghan evacuees. More than 6,000 radical person been taken to the base, wherever determination is shelter, water, and food.

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